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Shared Programme is an artist-led documentation and media production service for galleries, venues and individuals with the aim to make art accessible and reach audiences not in the room.

We believe the exceptional artistic outputs outside of London should be highlighted and documented, showcasing the exciting practices and programmes the North and Midlands cultivate.


Based in Sheffield and led by contemporary artists Fergus Carmichael and Peter Martin, we understand the challenges of making artwork seen.

Our experiences within the sector as artists and arts evaluators enable us to develop collaborative methodologies that capture your project through on-going and reflective dialogue.


Shared Programme’s services include exhibition and event photography, video documentation and evaluative films, audio recording for podcasts, talks and conferences and training for organisations wanting to learn their own documentation skills.


We understand the budget constraints of artists and spaces which is why we also want to make our pricing affordable and accessible. Please do get in touch with us about your project and we will be happy to offer a quote.

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